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  Facial Animation
  Stanford movement resreach group

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  Fractal Image Encoding
  Dynamic fractal image enco●ding announcement and question page
  Waterloo Fractal Compression Project
  Groupe Fractales - INRIA
  Fractal Image Compression

Fractal Image Encoding and Analysis


  Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory
  Washington University Graphics and Image Laboratory (GRAIL)
  Hokkaido University Computer Center
  Tohoko University Nishizeki Labortoary
  Iwate University Computer Gaphics Laboratory
  Aizu University Computer Graphics Laboratory
  Aizu University Shape Modeling Laboratory
  Tokyo University Shinagwa Laboratory
  Tokyo University Tachi Laboratory
  Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Human Interface Laboratory
  Tokyo Institute of Technology University Nakajima and Kamei Laboratory
  Nagoya University Toriwaki Laboratory
  Nagoya University Yokoi Laboratory
  Hiroshima University Electric Machinery Laboratory
  National Taiwan University Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Group
  Academia Sinica Intelligent System Laboratory
  National Tsing Hua University Graphics Laboratory
  National Chiao Tung University Computer Graphics Laboratory

National Chiao Tung University Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling Laboratory


  OpenGL 1.2
  3D Exploration 1.5.30
  Delaunay Split Program
  Stereoscopic Demo (shutter glasses recommended)

  IEEE reference 標準樣式